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Long Island Computer Repair and PC Services- The Server Expert is proud to offer his expertise to both home users and small to medium businesses located throughout Long Island. For Home Users, we offer technical assistance and support in several different areas including: networking, PC repair / computer repair, virus removal, data recovery and remote computer assistance. For your convenience, we currently offer three different pricing structures - we have different pricing for In Home Service*, Pick up Service* and Drop off Service. Our In Home Service is competitively priced, while our Pick Up and Drop Off Services are offered at significantly lower rates. Please see our Master Price List for details on our fees. (*In Home and Pick Up Services are currently only available in parts of Suffolk County).

For small to medium sized businesses, we can provide extra services in addition to those being provided to home customers. Popular services include: Cisco router configuration, VPN network configuration, WAN line installation, Implementation of the Windows Server Environment, Exchange Email Setup and many other services too numerous to list. Whatever your requirements happen be, The Server Expert will provide custom solutions tailored fit your business needs. Call Us now for a custom quote at our telephone number: (Not taking new customers)

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The Server Expert Provides Customers With Superior Computer Services

With well over a decade of industry experience our customers can be assured they are receiving the highest quality of service. We have many happy computer repair customers throughout Suffolk County. Here at The Server Expert, we understand the frustration and helplessness encountered by our customers. Many competing repair shops/technicians operate their business like a bad car mechanic - performing unnecessary work, overcharging and not fixing the real problems. Sometimes this is due to inadequate skill on behalf of the technician, while other times the customer is simply being taken advantage of.

At The Server Expert, we pledge to give our clients trustworthy service with a higher level of quality... and unlike many of the so called "geeks" and "experts" working for our competitors, The Server Expert is formally trained and certified in several fields within the computer industry. Our customers can rest assured that their computer problems will be handled ethically, honestly and with the highest level of technical proficiency. Below is a list of credentials held by The Server Expert:

- Long Island Customers can Rest assured that the are receiving some of the best computer services on LI, and Suffolk County Long Island -

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