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T.S.E. - Data Recovery Services

Data Recovery Services We Perform:

  • "Dead" Computer file transfer
  • Standard file transfer
  • Deleted File Recovery
  • Damaged Excel/Word Document Recovery
  • Formatted Hard Drive
  • Damaged File System Recovery
  • Hard Drive PCB replacement

The Server Expert Can Recover Your Lost Data

The Server Expert offers services for all kinds of data recovery and retrieval tasks. Many times, people just need to transfer files from an old computer to a new computer. We can help you perform this transfer, regardless of whether your old computer "works" or not. In more dire situations, you may experience data loss in the form of a file deletion, disk format or even during the corruption of the computer's file system. In all of these cases, The Server Expert has the tools needed to recover your data. While the success of the recovery depends on many factors, unless there are physical problems with the disk most files are often recovered. In cases where the drive no longer powers on, or does not pass the power on self test, we may opt to perform a swap of the hard drive's PC board (PCB). The best part is that if The Server Expert doesn't recover your data, all labor charges are waived!

To improve your chances of data recovery, regular maintenance should be performed by the user. Removing unwanted files and programs from your computer, along with regular disk defragmenting, greatly increases the chances of recovery. In the event of data loss, turning your computer off and discontinuing further use helps prevent further damage.

Data Recovery Services we Offer

  • File Transfers from non-working computers
  • File Transfers from old (working) computers to new machines
  • Recovery of Deleted files
  • Repairing of damaged documents (including excel and word)
  • Recovering files from a formatted hard drive
  • Recovering files from a damaged file system
  • Replacing the PC board (PCB) on a dead hard drive
  • Recovery from memory cards (commonly used in digital photography)
  • Recovery from USB flash drives & external hard drives
  • Data Disposal - (physically disabling the HD platters)