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Data Recovery Price List

Pick Up Fee ($20-$40) - If you choose our drop off service, but want your computer picked up and delivered by us, we will charge you this fee. This charge does not apply to in home service or when you drop off the computer yourself.

Minimum Pick Up / In Home Service Bill ($70) - We will typically not perform any in home service if the total bill does not exceed under this amount. For Computer Services under this amount, we recommend you use our drop off service or remote support.

Data Recovery Pricing

Service In Home Drop Off Remote
Data Recovery (HD Format) N/A $180 N/A
Data Recovery (Damaged File System) N/A $220 N/A
Deleted File Recovery $120 $60 $60
HD PCB Swap N/A $100-$150 N/A
File Transfer From Non-working computer* $140-$160 $100 N/A
File Transfer From Working Computer* $100-$120 $60 N/A
Data Recovery from Flash / USB stick N/A $100 N/A
HD Disposal $70-$90 $40 N/A

*Transfers over 30 GB (very large), or using USB 1.1 will incur addtional costs.