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Master Price List

Pick Up Fee ($20-$40) - If you choose our drop off service, but want your computer picked up and delivered by us, we will charge you this fee. This charge does not apply to in home service or when you drop off the computer yourself.

Minimum Pick Up / In Home Service Bill ($70) - We will typically not perform any in home service if the total bill does not exceed under this amount. For Computer Services under this amount, we recommend you use our drop off service or remote support.

Computer Repair Pricing

Service In Home Drop Off Remote
System Optimization $30 $15 $15
Blue Screen Analysis $60-$80 $30 $30
Additional HD Install * $70-$90 $40 N/A
HD Swap w/ transfer $130-$150 $90 N/A
OS Installation (XP/Vista/Win7) $100-$120 $60 N/A
Software Installation (per program) $60-$80 $30 $30
Expansion / Graphics Card Installation $60-$80 $30 $30
Memory Install $40-$60 $25 N/A
Driver Update / Install $50-$70 $30 $30
Diagnostics (rate per half hour) ** $40-$60 $30 $30

*Hard Drive Install does not include a data transfer - only physical installation and formatting.
**Diagnostics do not include the labor charges to fix the issue. This charge will only be applicable if the user is facing an issue of an uknown or hard to determine cause.

Virus Removal Pricing

Service In Home Drop Off Remote
Virus Removal (Quick)* $80-$100 $50 $50
Virus Removal (In-Depth) N/A $100 N/A
A/V Installation $60-$80 $40 $40

* The Quick Virus removal is an effort to clean your computer within 1 hr. This helps to reduce the fee presented to you. While this is effective in most cases, it is not guaranteed to remove all threats. Our full removal service is far more comprehensive, as we use multiple virus scanners over the course of several hours and GUARANTEE a full removal.

Networking Prices*

Service In Home Drop Off Remote
Home Network Installation (includes multiple wired & wireless devices) $140-160 N/A N/A
Wireless Troubleshooting $80 /hr N/A N/A
Wireless Setup (includes two devices and access point configuration) $80-$100 N/A N/A
Site to Site VPN (joining two distant networks)** $150-$170 N/A N/A
Wireless Antenna Upgrade Call For Pricing N/A N/A
Wireless Security Configuration $60-$80 N/A N/A
Business Network Services Call for Pricing N/A N/A

*Prices are for Labor Only. Hardware not included.
**Additional charges for installing the routers in the homes, based on distance.

Data Recovery Pricing

Service In Home Drop Off Remote
Data Recovery (HD Format) N/A $180 N/A
Data Recovery (Damaged File System) N/A $220 N/A
Deleted File Recovery $120 $60 $60
HD PCB Swap N/A $100-$150 N/A
File Transfer From Non-working computer* $140-$160 $100 N/A
File Transfer From Working Computer* $100-$120 $60 N/A
Data Recovery from Flash / USB stick N/A $100 N/A
HD Disposal $70-$90 $40 N/A

*Transfers over 30 GB (very large), or using USB 1.1 will incur addtional costs.

IT Business Consulting Prices

Due to the dynamic nature of professional IT consulting in a business environment, it is impossible to give a fixed price structure. Pricing depends heavily on the needs of each invidual company. Please contact us for more information.