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T.S.E. - Virus / Malware Removal

Why Choose Us?

  • Qualifications: We have been formally trained in PC & Network Security, allowing us to use the latest techniques to secure your computer.
  • Experience: The computer Expert has literally performed over a thousand virus removals.
  • Superior Tools: We have a proprietary tool set that allows us to clean your computer with the highest rate of success possible.
  • Product Knowledge: There are many free and commercials A/V tools available, and The Server Expert can advise you on which ones will suit you best.

The Server Expert Provides the Best Virus / Malware Cleaning Services Available

With over a thousand PC's cleared of their viruses / malware, our customers can be certain that we have the skill necessary to take care of their computer infections. With his formal training and multiple security certifications, The Server Expert thoroughly understands how viruses / malware operate. Due to this, we can more effectively target the source of your problems and fix the issue. By the time we leave, we will make sure you are running an effective anti-virus and operating your computer in the most secure manner possible.

Superior Tools for Superior Service

Our proprietary tool set has some very advanced capabilities over traditional cleaning methods. No long will you have to wait and watch a technician battle to remove a virus that resists being terminated. The Server Expert's unique approach bypasses any opportunity the virus / malware has to load itself, and attacks it in a defenseless state. Furthermore, we will work to repair any damage the infection has done to your system and ensure that you can access your desktop and documents by the time we have completed our service.